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Orthopedic Manual Therapy

This is a relaxing and effective form of bodywork developed by Tom Hendrickson D.C. It is very effective at providing  immediate and long term relief from acute and chronic pain and improving musculoskeletal function. The combination of joint mobilization, soft tissue massage and muscle activation empower you to become more actively engaged in your body while relaxing muscle tension, increasing flexibility and restoring fluid and pain-free movement. Sessions generally begin with an intake and orthopedic assesments if appropriate. Scheduling a 90-minute session as your first appointment will allow for a more thorough session.

Pilates Rehabilitation

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These sessions are an integrated mix of orthopedic assesments, manual therapy and Pilates with the goal of re-educating the neuromuscular system, reducing pain, restoring musculoskeletal function and increasing strength. These sessions may include the use of the Pilates equipment and props and a home exercise program may be given if appropriate.  

Pilates Holistic Fitness

An exercise program tailored to your body and your goals! If your looking for a challenging and fun way to get fit, have more energy, and improve bio-mechanics without the risk of injury- this is for you! Your first session will include an intake and assessments and you will be given a home program designed just for you!

Springboard Classes

Springboard classes incorporate mat exercises with props and springs and are fun, therapeutic and challenging! The Pilates springboard is similar to the Cadillac and is equipped with arm and leg springs as well as a roll down bar. Springboard classes will often include the use of additional props such as the magic circle, physioball and spine corrector. 

Class sizes are small with a max of 4 students to allow for individualized instruction in a supportive environment. Almost as good as a private session!

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