Move Home

Woman Practising Pilates

Yes, you can Pilates in your PJs! 

Save time, gas, money and the planet! 

Keep moving and stay healthy, strong and full of vigor from home through Pilates-based exercises, breathwork, and mindfulness practices using a few props like a ball, roller or Theraband. We can work with whatever else is around! For more details, see below.


Many clients who have done a virtual session were surprised how fun and challenging it was without equipment and how similar it felt to a studio session. I can still see what you're doing, so the Pilates eye will be on you! And don't worry about props, just use whatever you have at home. See more details below!


To schedule, click the link above or email me:

Virtual Pilates and Wellness Sessions

What it is: A private Pilates and Wellness session done in the comfort of your home. We will incorporate Pilates Mat exercises and the use of any props you have available. This will still be an individual session tailored to your needs which will take into account any injuries or modifications needed. I will continue to cue you and make suggestions on alignment. I will also incorporate breathing techniques, stretching and some light weights if desired. Another option is to incorporate yoga poses and meditation. You can let me know what your interested in, as always, I am here to support your wellness goals!

What you need: Facetime is the easiest to use if you have an Iphone or Ipad. for those without iPhones, we can use Zoom or any other video platform you are familiar with.  As your device, a phone, iPad or laptop will work. I can see you better if you prop the device against something like a book and point the device down towards your mat. If you have a case that enables you to do this, use that.

Props: Grab whatever you have at home: foam roller, balls, therabands, physioball. Go as fancy or simple as you'd like. If you don't have any props, no worries. If you have a chair or something to hold onto, you can use that for balance or squats. We will also be working on ordering props at cost for those interested. I'm also happy to go on a little tour of your space to see what else we may be able to use.


Duration: Sessions will be scheduled as usual. You can schedule online, or email/text/call directly with me to set one up.  Your first virtual session will be scheduled for a 90-minute time window. This will give us more than enough time to set up the technology, get a good camera angle, troubleshoot any kinks, and also do a full hour-long workout. 

Cost: Virtual sessions are done on a sliding scale.  Our ability to pay our rent depends on the hourly bookings from our clients, and we also know that we are all grappling with this reality.  If you see the value of meeting virtually with someone who knows your body well during this challenging time, and if your finances are not severely impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, we ask that you consider using your current package or paying our regular rates.  If your finances are impacted by the outbreak, we want to be with you and support you.  Please choose a rate that feels appropriate to you.

Sliding Scale Options:
-Regular Package
-SIngle at $110
-Single at $95
-Single at $80
-Single at $65