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Resources and Links

Corpo Kinetic

Website for my Rockridge studio and online scheduling link.

Powerline PIlates and Wellness

Website for my Laurel District studio and online scheduling link

Erin Wood Accupuncture

I highly recommend this accupuncturist in Oakland, Ca.

Nutritious Movement

 Katy Bowman is the author of "Whole Body Barefoot" as well as a number of other books on biomechanics, corrective exercises and how to transition from a sedintary lifestyle. Check out her website where there's a ton of great articles, video clips, podcasts, blogs and books!

Divine Proportion Pilates

 Bethany Drohmann teaches anatomy, Hendrickson Method and Pilates based rehabiliative exercises. She is one of my mentors and an incredible healer. I'd highly recommend checking out some of the articles and videos on her site, 

Dharma Ocean

Resource for free audio clips on Somatic Meditation as well as DVDs for purchase

Embodied Therapies

Somatic and Mindful Psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Berkeley and Oakland.

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